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New Rides:

2nd and 3rd Monday of each month

The Monday Meander.  Start at 6 pm from the Rec Center.

Welcome to the Alliance's Biking & Walking Roundup. Every week, we roam the blogs of our member organizations and bring you the most interesting tidbits.

New folks can join this list here. Invite all your friends -- everyone's welcome to saddle up.  

Cycling Events

Sunday, August 7th:  Inter-Urban Ride.  1 pm.   Meet in Dearborn at the Bank, corner of Maple Leaf St. (Hwy Z) & Main St.,  then dinner 6:30 pm at La Mesa Mexican Restaurant, 3730 Mitchell Ave.  Rain  or shine we will meet for dinner. 

Monday, August 8th and August  15th at 6 pm. The Monday Meander Ride for new riders or rider who are just  getting their wheels back after a long break.   This will be a slow  paced ride around 10 to 15 miles depending on who shows up and how far they want  to go.  The goal is to get everyone used to riding in a group and to  discuss group riding and trail riding etiquette.  Ride will  meet at  the REC at 28th & Parkway.  Look for the bright green recumbent  bike.

Saturday, August 6:  Trash Pick Up and Ride at 8 am.   Meet at the Corby Parking lot near the statues on Corby Parkway.  

Saturday, August 13th, Scavenger Hunt Ride.  Meet up at Bartlett Park  at 8 am.  Pick up your list of clues and you will have 2.5 hours to find at least 16 of the 18 clues and return to the park.  This is a fund raiser for  our Bikes at Christmas fund (to purchase bike to give away at  Christmas).   Cost is by donation with a recommended minimum amount of  $10.  The ride will onclude a scavenger hunt with a prize drawings for  those who complete the hunt, a 50/50 pot ($5 per ticket or 5 for $20) and peach  cobble with home made ice cream after the hunt concludes.  You will have 3  hours to complete the hunt and return to Bartlett Park for the after ride  festivities.  Rules of the ride:  All participants must wear a helmet  and have a digital camera, a phone with a camera or ride with another rider who  is willing to share their camera.   Teams will have only one entry  into the prize drawings.  You must document the answerers to the clues with  either a picture of the object that includes your bike or a selfie with the  object.  All pictures

must have enough of the object in it to be clearly  identifiable.  After the event I would like to have all the pictures  emailed or texted to me for posting on the web site.

Saturday, August 27.  Volunteer opportunity at the Sound of Speed Air  show on August 27.  We will be manning a booth selling either refreshments  or souvenirs.  The club would get part of the proceeds for the Bikes at  Christmas Fund.  I need to know who wants to participate before the Air  show, in order to get them a shirt and meal ticket.  We need at least 6  volunteers, but I would like to have 12 so no one has to work all day.  I  have attached a flier to help explain what we will be doing and what is expected  of us at the Air show.  So far I have the following people to  volunteer.  Please let me know if you would like to join us at the Sound of  Speed Air Show and help the club raise money for our bike giveaway at  Christmas.